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Injection Unit Y type

Feed: Intake chamber with a helicoidal sleeve, and progressive start and stop of the extruder to prevent any risk of feed strip rupture.
In the case of compounds with widely varying viscosity, the extruder-uncoupling device ensures rapid cleaning of the screw and the check-valve area.
Rigorous temperature control throughout all phases of the mixing process. Material temperature sensor at the extruder outlet for perfect self-heating control.
The traverse casting, “free”- mounted on the extruder-side absorbs thermal expansion and adjusting rings are used to ensure accurate centering of the injection unit.
The shape of the valve ensures an effective sweep and perfect renewal of the material with each cycle. The direct injection runner reduces head pressure drops.
Shot size metering accuracy is ensured by a check-valve with a short consistent stroke and a perfect seal.

Almost Maintenance Free Closing Unit   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

● Strong for perfect mold clamping
● Floating columns

● Shoulderless columns, easy parallelism adjustment

● Modular and upgradable design

● Easy access for the operator

   Options: Ejectors

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