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Almost Maintenance Free Closing Unit

The traverse castings of the frame have been specifically designed for each type of press to provide excellent rigidity. Deformation of the plates under load is less than 0.10 mm.
A pivoting indexing block inserts itself between the moving traverse and the mold adjusting screw. A cylinder incorporated into the fixed traverse opposite the injection unit provides the clamping function.
The floating column frame prevents wear on the moving traverse guide rings.Guiding of the moving parts with self-lubricating bearings reduces both the frequency of maintenance operations and their cost.
Engineering parts are designed from the outset to receive options either when ordered or as a retrofit, which means the press can be customized or upgraded at a later time.
Shoulderless columns ensure easy parallelism adjustment.This design greatly extends the life of the equipment, ensures the dimensional quality of the parts and limits flashing on the parts.

Y type injection units & high technology ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Injection Unit Y type + TempInverter ®

Examples: Cure time reduction with TurboCure® (TempInverter® + FillBalancer®) 

Additional Advantages: Reduced scrap rate, less non-fill\ More robust process because of a larger process window; More homogenous parts characteristics\ Less waste: reduced flash and lower runner section; Cleaner parts, so less finishing secondary operations labor\Cleaner mold, so reduced labor for demolding and reduced need for mold cleaning

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